Bring on your inner dancer in a TotalBarre Class

You've probably heard or read about a barre class before. In the US and many western countries, barre classes are popping up everywhere. Celebrities like Madonna and Natalie Portman, just to name a few, swear by this exercise method. 

So what is a barre class? A barre class is usually one hour exercise routine that is inspired by ballet, pilates and dance. The class is designed to be flowing from one exercise to another without stopping usually and accompanied by music. So it is a lot of fun. The exercises target the whole body part; legs, abs, arms and glutes (bring on that sexy back!). So you will feel totally toned and worked up when you come out of a barre class.

Here in Vitruvian, we also teach a barre class. We use TotalBarre method which is part of Merrithew brand. TotalBarre is not only fun and give you great workout but because it is also biomechanically safe for everyone. We have different templates for different population such as young and active to active aging. So don't be afraid to try this exercise with us.